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அன்பான அம்மாவுக்கு...!

- ஆதித்யா

(மே 9, அன்னையர் தின கவிதை)


Mother, I would like to buy you

the whole universe, but it`s really

small before your love!


Mother, I would get you all the

diamonds in whole world but

you shine brighter than all of it



Mother, I would like to get you

all the gold in the world but it

has no value before you!


Mother, I will buy all the big

houses but it would always feel

empty without you in it!


Mother, Many say god created

mothers because he cannot be

in every home, But I say mothers

are the reason I feel there is

a god in the world!


Mother, Life has happy and sad

moments but you make them



Mother, you make the life

worthy because you spread the

strength to be!


Mother, you might value

yourself low but we know that

the most priceless possession

is YOU...!


Uma sarangapani says :

Super mother`s discription. Funtastic words. All the best Aditya.

Sarangapani says :

Excellent ! Keep writing!

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