Thats How You Save The World, Leo!

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Leo is busy touring Indonesia! Its not for the shooting of his latest movie, but to save the last remaining natural habitat for the endangered species of the land!

The Academy Award winner is busy spreading awareness about climate change all over the world, he mainly addressed the issue in his Oscar acceptance speech. The actor is an avid environmentalist and is genuinely concerned about the nature and the natural habitat.

The Revenant actor both tweeted and took to Instagram to post the pics in Indonesia. Hes trying to create awareness about saving the Leuser ecosytem.

He posted in one of the social media about the importance of saving the endangered species and how to do it.

He wrote The lowland #rainforest of the Leuser Ecosystem are considered the worlds best remaining habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran #elephant. In these forests, ancient elephant migratory paths are still used by some of the last#wild herds of Sumatran elephants. But the expansion of Palm Oil plantations is fragmenting the #forest and cutting off key elephant migratory corridors, making it more difficult for elephant families to find adequate sources of food and water.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is supporting local partners to establish a mega-fauna sanctuary in the Leuser Ecosystem, last place on Earth where Sumatran orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants coexist in the wild. Click the link in the bio to stand with@haka_sumatra as they fight to protect the Leuser Ecosystem.#SaveLeuserEcosystem #Indonesia

We really appreciate what the Oscar winner is doing, and we must take cue from him and start saving the world, people!

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