This Village of Seven Sisters is The Hub of Black Magic :

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We have watched number of shows and TV shows of magic where a magician plays some tricks and amaze audiences. I am sure you have also played some with your siblings in childhood. Magic are always an attracting game to engage people and surprise them with your talents or so called tricks. But have you ever heard about BLACK MAGIC? Some of you might be and some are unknown to this weird magic name.

There is a small village called Mayong which is just 40 km away from Guwahati at Assam. Surprisingly, this village is the mother land of black magic. Aura of this village tells you the entire story of this place, once you step here.

What are elders pass down for us? You will say, their history, their business or their skills of being rich etc. etc. right? But the elders of this village pass down sorcery and magic to their kids, which they use for social welfare and solving problems among themselves.

Their stories are all based on magic which you will hardly believe because for a modern people it is hard to digest the fact that some men allegedly disappear into the air or people turning into animals and beasts.

People of this village are chanting mantras from ages to cure ailments and this has become their source of livelihood. There are huge numbers of mantras which can solve all your problems including health issues to searching stolen items and even to reach at some place in few minutes.

It is also believed, Mughal armies of Emperor Aurangzebs region feared not the armies of Assam but with the power of black magic of this village. A documentary also came out Mayong: Myth/Reality which shows the amazing power of black magic done in this village.

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