Interesting but uncommon facts about Shah Jahan :

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The name of Taj mahal immediately strikes our mind with the heights of love and essence of love. Love is the second name of shah jahan and mumtaz. Shah jahan constructed Taj for his beloved Mumtaz as she died in her 14th child birth. But we are unaware from the facts of the beautiful monument and the people related to it. Here are some unknown and uncommon facts of that era and great emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved Mumtaz.

Taj Mahal was not built and designed to entomb a second person other than Mumtaz Mahal. Aurangzed decided to bury his fathers body next to Mumtaz Mehal instead of building another monument for is father.

Shah Jahan was laid next to his beloved wife Mumtaz in Taj Mahal also called as Mumtaz Mehal.

There was no state funeral for Shah Jahan after being a great king also.

Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his younger son Aurangzeb as he was afraid that his father wont give him the throne. Rather the throne would be given to his elder brother. Therefore for the greed of occupying the throne , Shah Jahan was house arrested by his younger son.

Shah Jahans sons apparently fought a battle called the battle of Samugarh against each other for the crown.

Shah Jahan married mumtaz sister after her death. This is really wondering if he loved her truly.

Mumtaz was his 4th wife and he was already married 7 times.

Mumtaz had married another man who was apparently killed by shah jahan so that he can marry mumtaz.

Full name of Shah Jahan as an emperor was "Shahanshah Al-Sultan al-Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram, Malik-ul-Sultanat, Ala Hazrat Abul-Muzaffar Shahab ud-din Muhammad Shah Jahan I, Sahib-i-Qiran-i-Sani, Padshah Ghazi Zillullah, Firdaus-Ashiyani, Shahanshah-E-Sultanant Ul Hindiya Wal Mughaliya.

Mumtaz was killed when she was delivering her 14th child

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