Visit Mawlynnong - The Cleanest Village In Asia

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Living in a city for too long makes you distant from the beauty of nature. Long hours of sitting in front of laptops at work not only strains physically but mentally as well. This distant created between us and nature is quite inevitable while living in a city which is disappointing to say the least. To rid this kind of fatigue and the easiest way to rediscover ourselves is to escape into the arms of nature every once in a while.

One such place that you can visit is the quaint hamlet called Mawlynnong. It is located in Meghalaya at a distance of about 78 km from the capital city of Shillong and takes 3 hours to reach. This picturesque village has the reputation of being the cleanest village in Asia, which is how the village gained recognition amongst travellers.

Although measuring cleanliness comes with no scale, a stroll through the streets of Mawlynnong will give you an idea of why it gets the title. Streets lined with lush greenery are spic and span, with not even leaves to be found on the street.

People Of Mawlynnong :

Mawlynnong mostly consists of the Khasi tribe of people, and the villagers take cleanliness very seriously. Since 2007, every house has had a toilet, and the villagers keep a bamboo basket out of each house to put any trash in. They not only maintain cleanliness of their own houses, but also that of the streets.

The main occupation and source of income for the people of Mawlynnong comes from agriculture. A delightful characteristic of the people is that, apart from working all day on their fields, they take an active interest in the welfare of their village and community.

They are involved in maintaining and arranging water connections, getting a local school built and other such important activities that affects the village. The village also has left behind the patriarchal way of living. Here, the children of a household inherit their mothers surname and wealth of the family is inherited by the youngest daughter of the house; all in all creating a wonderful example for the rest ofthe world to live by.

More About The Village :

Mawlynnong is known for having tree houses or houses built on stilts. They use bamboo for everything, including the building of their houses. Khasi huts are mainly made of jute, bamboo poles and are set against blissful backgrounds of natural beauty.

While living in this enchanting village, dont forget to try their delicious food that is made entirely of organic products. They grow their own produce; even meat is obtained by locally grown cattle. Try Jadoh, which is a red rice dish that is cooked with pork or chicken and is mixed with spices. Other dishes that you must try at Mawlynnong includes Tungrymbai, Minil Songa, Pukhlein, etc.

Places To Visit In And Around Mawlynnong :

Head to the Sky View, which is a vantage point built of bamboo that gives a stunning view of Bangladeshs landscape, since the village is close to the border. Some other places you can visit here are the Church of Epiphany, Mawlynnong Waterfall, etc.

Mawlynnong is home to a living root bridge, much similar to the double-decker living root bridge of Cherrapunji. Take a stroll through the bridge and take unlimited pictures by the bridge.

Best Time To Visit Mawlynnong :

Mawlynnongs climate remains balmy throughout the year. However, monsoon or post-monsoon months can be additionally enchanting since the monsoon rains will enhance the beauty of lush greenery of the village.

If you wish to witness the culture of Mawlynnong, visit the village during July to be a part of Behdienkhlam festival and during November for the Nongkrem Dance Festival.

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