5 Unique Gardens To Visit In India :

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Gardens are beautiful escapes into nature, especially for those city folks who live and thrive in a concrete jungle full of pollution and traffic. Traditionally, gardens are big spaces of land that are spread with lush carpets of meadows or grass, decorated with water fountains or small statues and so on, in a well-designed manner.

However, some gardens in India are quite unique and do not fall in the traditional list of gardens. These are usually created by artists or masterminds, who have an entirely different idea about how a garden should look like. Here are the top 5 gardens of India that are quite intriguing and certainly worth a visit.

As the name suggests, this garden is spread with stunning exhibits of artificial flowers, plants and more, all of which are made just out of threads. Thread Garden is a brainchild of Antony Joseph, who used 50 other skilled artists to make these wonderful sculptures.

The entire process took a continuous period of 12 years to be completed. Some of these sculptures are even available on sale.

The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, which is more commonly known as the Tulip Garden, is located in Srinagar, Kashmir.

The specialty of this garden is that the whole place is covered with rows of vibrant tulips of all shades, colours and kinds. Best time to visit this garden is during spring season, which usually falls in April.

It is, in fact, Asias largest tulip garden that is spread across an area of 30 hectares. Settled on the foothills of the majestic Zabarwan ranges of Himalayas, you can even witness a mesmerising view of the Dal Lake from the garden.

Haveri is a small temple town in Karnataka that is located about 335 km from Bangalore. This town is known for having a unique sculptural garden that has over a thousand life-like sculptures that mainly portray the lifestyle of the local village.

A fine blend of modern and contemporary art is used to showcase things, like the culture, profession, costume of the villagers, in the form of sculptures. Head to the temple town of Haveri to witness this brilliant spectacle.

Also spelled as Lodhi Gardens, this beautiful garden is found at the heart of our capital city, Delhi. The main attraction of this garden, which is otherwise like any other, is the tomb of Sikandar Lodi and the two domes namely, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad.

The centre of the garden is adorned by the Bara Gumbad or the big dome while walking in further leads you to the stunning tomb of Sikandar Lodi. It was built by Ala-ud-din Shah back in 1444 and stands till date in all its glory.

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