#What #If #Disney #Characters #Went #To #Hogwarts?

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Hogwarts is a place we all wanted to go since the Harry Potter series came out. Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling is one of the best books ever written and is the favourite series of many people, all around the world.

Disney is also the thing that we all had in common in our childhood. We all loved the stories and characters, especially Mickey Mouse.

Just imagine if someone combined Disney and Hogwarts? Sounds pure magic right?

Belle :

She would be the kind of girl that every guy would be interested in. But, her eyes are set on one student, she finds both strange and interesting.

Beast :

He would be great at Herobology, Care for Magical Creatures and Potions. Professor Slughorn would also add him to the Slug Club for sure, for being very interested in him.

Snow White :

She would be a Hufflepuff student, who would love the house elves dearly. She can get apples anytime she wants to and luckily, even the kitchen is near her dormitory.

Aladdin :

I have a feeling he would be a Quidditch captain in his years and perhaps he would be a great seeker although he would have problems at first. No Genie for a wish, huh?

Mulan :

She is a Gryffindor through and through. She is brave, free-spirited and would be great at Quidditch. It would take people months to realise that she is a girl.

Ariel :

This Slytherin student would spend most of her time near the Black lake, for obvious reasons. Also, you cannot trace her on the Marauders Map.

Elsa :

She would shut people out and be a kind of a loner. Her sister Anna would be in the same house and she would try to save her sister.

Naveen :

He would definitely have a frog as a pet. He would help Neville to find his frog Trevor whenever he gets lost.

Mushu :

When Harry made the Dumbeldores Army, this person was really excited and can totally conjure a Patronus.

Ursula :

She would be the Umbridge from Order of Phoenix. The worst person ever and everyone would hate her from the deepest corner of their hearts.

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