15 Stunning Spiritual Destinations To Visit Before You Die :

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Every year, millions of people travel to the religious and spiritual places to seek oneness with their inner self. These places are often located in the faraway lands and are not easily accessible. Still, the destinations welcome thousands of devotees each year.

Besides the spirituality there is also another side of these places, they are simply stunning. Many are known for their ultimate serene location while many have claimed a place with their ultramodern architecture.

Whether you are a believer or an atheist, these places will certainly satisfy the travel bug in you. We present you 15 most spiritual and beautiful destinations of the world.

1. Bahai Garden, Israel :

An abundance of greenery with mesmerizing architecture makes this place a must visit for the travel lovers.

2. Golden Temple, India :

This gold plated temple has a glorious look and at the same time, it offers absolute peace to the visitors.

3. Saint-Michel dAiguilhe Chapel, France :

One has to climb 200 steps on volcanic rocks to visit this breathtaking church. Sounds tempting?

4. Cenote Sagrado, Mexico :

Considered as a sacred water body, this place offers the travelers with a simply mesmerizing spirit of nature.

5. Hagia Sophia, Turkey :

Its one of the oldest and architecturally richest religious places of the world. To understand its beauty, you need to see it by yourself.

6. Meiji Shrine, Japan :

Standing amidst the skyscrapers, this shrine is spread over 150 acres and is a peaceful adobe for the nature lovers.

7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia :

This wonderful place is considered as the second largest spot for pilgrimage in the world.

8. Jerusalem, Israel :

There are very few words which can explain the beauty of the place. Why dont you take a trip to experience it yourself?

9. Batu Caves, Malaysia :

A path filled with an amazing view of nature and lots of mischievous monkies. Sounds like your kind of travel?

10. Boudhanath, Nepal :

The location and the architecture plays an enchanting role in making this one of those travel destinations you should absolutely include in your bucket list.

11. Rumis tomb, Turkey :

Visiting the tomb of one of the greatest poet and the philosopher of the mankind is a pleasure in itself. Do we need to say more?

12. Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand :

Lesser known to many, the land of bars and beaches is also the home for this breathtaking religious spot. Travelers climb the staircase and go through hidden shrines to reach the top. An adventure in itself.

13. Lotus Temple, India ;

Its located in one of the busiest cities, Delhi. Once you step inside this architectural beauty, the busy hustle of the outside world changes to absolute peace.


14. Vatican City :

Architecture, nature, history, and much more, this city is a wonder in itself.

15. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Colombia :

This underground Roman Catholic Church is 200 meters long and is built in a salt mine. This mysterious place is certain to allure a travel lover like you.

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