Netgear Arlo Q Plus: The KING Of Home Security Is Here

Posted by-Kalki Team

Arlo Q Plus is the latest Smart Security Camera from Netgear in India, and frankly speaking, when we decided to purchase a security camera for our place, we were left confused between Arlo Q Plus and Nest Cam. But after taking a huge list of pros and cons into consideration, we finally went with Arlo Q Plus.

Moving towards the specifications side, it has everything that you would ask for in any indoor security camera, like- 130-degree wide angle lens, 1080p HD recording, Night Vision, Motion Alert, but here are a few things that you will not get in any indoor camera like- 2-Way Audio, Free 7-Days cloud storage, SD Card Slot, and last but not the least Power-over-Ethernet, all these features backed up by an app.

But are all these high-end specs justifying themselves?

Many times even great on-paper specs dont confirm the real-time performance, right? With Arlo Q Plus, we felt all the things on point, the wide angle lens supported by 1080p recording used to give us very good output and we can never complain about the video quality. It is simply the best you will find in any camera available in the price range of Rs 16,000 to Rs 20,000.

The second thing that this camera does the best is the night vision. There is a motion sensor too, so any kind of noise or distraction in the frame of the camera will notify the user the next second. It works great and we had no problem with it.

Probably the best feature till date. This feature allows the user to connect the power cable to the camera and nothing else, no ethernet cable, no USB, nothing. Yes, now the question that arises is how the camera will then cast the things to the smartphone as it is said to be a smart camera? Well, the user can connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network for the casting purpose. This not only helps in cable management but also helps in keeping a stable internet connection.

Last but not the least, the build and design definitely matter. And thanks to Netgear, the camera is well buil and is durable as well. You also get magnet base at the bottom for better grip on metal devices. We also get a durable rotation ball for that all-around rotation of the camera lens.

You can even actually communicate through this device which is freaking amazing. It doesnt matter if you are on camera side or handling the app from other, you can communicate from one end to other. This also helps in tracking the audio from the camera side.

Other than all the features we talked about, the user also gets an SD Card slot for the local storage of the media. Also, the camera comes with FREE 7-days of cloud video recording, unlike the Nest Cam which charges a huge amount for cloud space.

Despite tons of advantages, there are a few things that go against the buy, like- digital zoom instead of optical zoom but that is the sacrifice that every security camera comes with.

Bottom line: The camera is a true value of money, and one should buy if the budget is restricted to this price base.

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