Class 11 student creates waves on YouTube :

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Surya Murugan, a Class 11 student from Chennai, has been making waves on music streaming platforms with as many as 10 original songs to his credit.

Born and raised in Perambur, Surya, a student of Velammal School, Surapet, is a self-taught musician whose tryst with music began at the tender age of four. “He would listen to music even as a kindergartener, hum songs and create music with whatever objects he found. However, it was the day his father got him a keyboard that he started taking it seriously, the day we realised his true potential,” says Suryas mother Pushpalatha.

Growing up he has dabbled in different genres of music. “However, EDM is my favourite. I learnt all facets of music production from YouTube videos,” adds Surya. He has also converted his room into a music studio. Over the years, Surya has managed to upload his work on music streaming platforms like Apple music, iTunes and more, and has gained recognition from several independent musicians from the US and Europe.

Two years ago, he formed his own label called Zatrix. Under the same, he has recorded 10 original songs and more than 200 mashups, which have garnered him more than 4,000 followers on YouTube and 4,00,000 views on Instagram. He says his biggest inspirations are popular DJs Martin Garrix and Nuclea.

“I want to learn music professionally at a college after I finish school. I want to encourage more talent from our city,” says Surya who also gives tutorials on music production on YouTube.

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