Well-known Street Markets In India: A Paradise For Shopaholics!

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A holiday is considered almost incomplete without shopping. To be honest, no matter whether we are a compulsive shopper or not, all of us like to bring back little goodies from the places we have visited. It can be for friends, family or just to keep them as a memory with us.

No matter who you are - a woman, a man, a student, an office-goer, a housewife or even a businessman, shopping is something without which nobody can live. Even though some of us do not enjoy it at all, it remains as an essential activity at least for purchasing your daily essentials or other important things.

If you are a shopaholic and all that you first think of doing is shopping, whenever you visit a new place, here is a list that will come to your aid. Here are the 10 iconic street markets in India. Read on.

Commercial Street In Bengaluru :

Well known to be one of the best and the most busiest markets in the garden city, this network of lanes is a one-stop favourite center for people who are on the look out for all kinds of stuff. The best deals are often secured after some good bargaining, and there are numerous stalls for apparels, books, accessories, antiques and what not.

Located at a very close proximity to MG road, Commercial Street is one of the most popular street market destinations amongst college students, apart from the locals and the travellers who fill up the place for the best things at a very reasonable price.

If you get tired or are not really in the mood for shopping, there is a very wide range of eating joints that sell some mouth-watering delicacies from Sweet Corn to Bhel Puri and from Shawarmas to Dosas. Thus, one hardly needs any reason to have a day out at Commercial Street.

Police Bazaar In Shillong :

Police Bazaar is the most renowned market in Meghalaya. There are numerous options to shop from the place and many different kinds of attractive merchandises are arranged in the chain array, while other stuff are located around the different corners of the market.

The bazaar is a beautiful showcase of the local arts and crafts of Meghalaya; and the handicrafts and artistic products are made out from cane and bamboo, which form the major attractions here. Different colourful varieties of cotton and silk materials are also displayed. A heavy bargain would give you some of the best deals.

The Police Bazaar is a great venture to keep alive the tribal and local traditions and is also a wonderful place to take a stroll around.

Sudder Street In Kolkata :

A 10-min walk from the New Market would take you to another iconic market in the city of joy, as people come down here for all the latest fashion wear and the current fads. The street is lined along its length with different shops which sell kurtas, jholas, chappals and harem pants.

The place is also a hub of cheap hotels, restaurants; and foreign tourists, globe trotters from all over the globe, come here looking for some affordable accommodation. The street is a great place to purchase souvenirs, clothes and other items for everyday use and one can also find shops that sell cheap train and air tickets and also sightseeing tours at an economical price.

It is not a very hygienic place to eat at; however, one can try out the different varieties of local delicacies when theyre tired of shopping. On the whole, it is a nice place to enjoy the distinct ambiance of Kolkata.

Colaba Causeway In Mumbai :

One of the most famous shopping stops for the majority of Mumbaikars, Colaba Causeway is a colourful stretch of a large number of items that range from small and sundry like beads, slippers, chains, faux leather purses and artificial jewellery to everyday commodities like fancy kurtas, handicrafts and items made of jute, wood and cane. One can also come across antiques like hookahs and gramophones.

After having a nice stroll at the market, you could either have a cup of refreshing drink from the Leopold or experience the cool breeze by the Arabian sea, taking a walk at a street outside the Taj Hotel.

Jew Town In Fort Kochi :

Jew Town, located in Mattancherry in Fort Kochi, is a popular street market for antique shops all around its sides. The market is a narrow stretch that is located between the Mattencherry Palace and the Paradesi Synagogue, which is the central spot situated right in the middle of the market. There is a good and an elegant variety of various things that are prized both in its value and rarity.

The Jew Town still retains some of its old world charm and one can still find Jewish names atop a few buildings. It is nevertheless one of the beautiful places to spend time at with a number of cafes and snack outlets in the area.

Hazratganj In Lucknow :

Without second thoughts, it is one of the favourite spots of hang out, for the people living in Lucknow. The Hazratganj is a shoppers paradise, since this place has virtually anything that you can ask for. It is also one of the busiest shopping areas of the town, and most of the bazaars are located in this area.

The area has shopping complexes, theatres, hotels, offices and business establishments; whilst retail stores and showrooms of most of the consumer goods are also located here. From car dealers to jewellery stores, antiques to exotic handlooms, one can find almost all kinds of products and retail items here.

An interesting term known as Ganjing is used to describe the markets wide lanes and by lanes. Hazratganj was earlier known as Queens way and was open only to the British before Independence.

Janpath In Delhi :

The Janpath market is one of the oldest stretches in Delhi for shopping lovers and budget buyers. Earlier, the place was called the Queens way. The Janpath translates to peoples path and it connects Delhis shopping hotspot - Connaught Place - to Lodhi Road.

As one would explore the bazaar, one would find anything up for a sale with a ready-to-quote price, but of course bargaining holds the key here. There is a huge variety of things to choose from like the fashionable daily wears to the ethnic wears, leather footwear, antiques, electronics, furniture and much more.

Tibet Market In Shimla :

The markets in Shimla are some of the most amazing places to visit and the Tibetan Market is one such place that offers tremendous scope for one to bargain and find the right deal.

The market is a makeshift station and one can find an expensive line of items, which starts from shoes, bags, boots, jewellery, woolen clothes, Tibetan rugs and carpets, scarves, mufflers, sweaters as well as other Tibetan accessories and antiques.

Mall Road In Darjeeling :

A leisure walk amidst the cool weather and the captivating ambiance of Darjeeling is worth a try and this is what one can find in the well-known Mall Road. Being the central hub of the town, a visit to this buzzing road is a must.

Lined up with different shops, which sell some trendy clothing items along with the traditional Sikkimese wear to the latest trends in fashion, it is one place where the locals throng to get their hands on the latest styles in the market.

Besides wearables, one may also find trekking gears, a number of boutiques and antique jewellery shops. Another highlight is the food, for which people crave. From delectable street savories to a number of baked items, one can enjoy shopping along with serving their taste buds.

Serenity Beach Bazaar In Pondicherry :

Predominately a handicraft market, the Serenity Beach Bazaar in Pondicherry is one of the most beautiful and interesting markets and also one of the most happening places in the locality.

The market is setup under the shade of coconut palms and is located within a walking distance of the sea. One can find a wide variety of things here which range from traditional handicrafts, garments, bags, ceramics and much more.

To add on, one would find several eating outlets as well, which serve mouth-watering snacks and refreshing beverages, while the nearby garden adds on to the overall charm of the place.

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