Head To Cherrapunji - The Wettest Place In India!

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Head To Cherrapunji - The Wettest Place In India!

Tucked high above the southern branches of the Khasi Hills filled with clouds, is also known as Sohra and is a scenic and mesmerizing little hamlet dug out of a dissected plateau in the state of Meghalaya.

The true beauty of Cherrapunji lies in its pine forested hills, which is filled with gushing streamlines, cascading waterfalls and to add on its climate which is rejuvenating and lives up to its name. The place is covered by clouds which form a curtain that gives it a touch of the climate and nature of Scotland.

With misty valleys and swirling clouds, Cherrapunji is located at a height of 4500 feet, which makes it a stunning location and a place that receives rain all throughout the year. The rains here opened up the doors for Cherrapunji to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records as the wettest place on earth.

Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji:

Being a place which receives the heaviest rainfall in the country, there is pretty much only one season which is the monsoon. The rainfall here differs from heavy ones to medium and light. In simple words, there is no month here that does not receive any rainfall.

A uniqueness here is that it rains mostly in the night, and due to this factor, the day activity is least disrupted by rainfall.

As the days go by, Cherrapunji does not change with its seasons, but it follows the various patterns of rainfall. The months from May to September experience the heaviest rainfalls, the clouds change their colours from white to darker shades and in a matter of few seconds, there would be a whiplash of rain.

Throughout the months, the place undergoes a transformation to a sea of gushing rivulets. The raindrops beat nonstop on the rooftops and treetops, which creates a harmony of the sounds of the rain that can only be enjoyed in the Northeastern states.

As the month of September wraps up, the rain changes from its forceful one to a gentle patter.

The residents of Cherrapunji are predominately who belong to the tribe of Khasis. As the intensity of the rain reduces power, the flora and fauna do change. From the dark clouds, one can notice the sun playing a game of hidden and seek along with the appearance of a rainbow.

Unlike other places, which receive heavy rainfall, the hill here does not have a lush green vegetation. But it is replaced with woods in patches and opens up a box full of surprises, which is a wide variety of rare orchids, fems and moss.

Cherrapunji produces one of the best oranges and pineapples. An interesting factor is that the oranges of Cherrapunji are the ancestors to the famous Nagpuri oranges.

The famous living root bridges are also found here, the bridge is made out of the roots of the ficus elastica tree that grows a series of secondary roots, which extend to long distances and the roots get stronger as the time passes by. The bridge is so strong that it can hold up to 50 people in one single go; two words to summarize - simply marvelous.

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