Hand-Painted Shoulder Bags With Animals In A Pocket :

Posted by-Kalki Team

Cat with moustache is a brand that was created quite unexpectedly. When I finished studying philology and worked as a decorator in a popular shop I was convinced that my childhood dream of working with animals was not fulfilled. Then something happened and everything was change.

I gave up work overnight and instead of looking for another, equally hated, I bought a sewing machine and with the help of my mom (who had some concept of tailoring, because I didnt have one) I started an adventure with my own business. Strange fate I realize my childs plan in some way.

I work with animals, although these animals are rarely alive. The pets I meet only in the pictures that people send me to paint them on a bag or a blouse.

Now you can always bring your beloved pet with you. Even where real animals dont have access!

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