Tips on Designing a Budget Friendly Modular Kitchen :

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Budget friendly modular kitchens can be designed with cheaper, easily available alternatives without compromising on the looks and aesthetics. Here are 5 tips on how to go about making them stylish and aesthetic.

Modular kitchens are smart, compact, can be customized to suit any home and look absolutely beautiful. With older stone and wood kitchens giving way to these classy elegant cooking spaces, and people opting for a sleeker modern look in their kitchen, they are becoming increasingly popular in many Indian homes.

Modular kitchens were originally inspired by Italian and French designs. The subtle color palettes, minimalist look and compact functional workspaces inspired Indian kitchens which were designed along those lines. As their popularity grew, designers began playing around with layouts, materials, islands and countertops, introducing newer furnishings while giving a twist to the old.

While these kitchens are the most sought after in Indian homes, and blend well with apartments and compact spaces, many people are hesitant to go for them, because of the high costs involved. Therefore although people crave for it, they aren’t sure of replicating the same classy design and beautiful look in their own homes.


Although customization is great, it can put a strain on finances, since employing a carpenter who does the kitchen, buying material separately for everything, fixtures and accessories can work out to quite a sum eventually. With modular kitchens, you can choose a variety of options, styles and designs, your budget can be planned in advance and/or tweaked to work within your expectations, and you can be assured of a guaranteed great looking kitchen for many years, including the assurance of after-sales service for any problems that may arise.


It is never advisable to jump into a kitchen design blindly. What this does is create a haphazard approach and one which will bleed you of money as the construction gets underway. Before arriving at a particular decor, see the kind of layout your kitchen can accommodate, what are the furnishings and materials that fit within your budget and how you can get the design that you have always wanted.


As much as you have liked that great floor lamp in the decor store or those elegant floor tiles in a shop, it isn’t necessary that you have to purchase that itself to create THE look for your kitchen. Many great alternatives for kitchen furnishings can be found online, as well as in retail stores that fit within one’s budget and means. Alternatively, you can even put your creativity to use by researching and designing products that only you will have.


Although the basic design and materials are decided based on several factors. Homeowners can have a say in how you want to work out requirements within your budget. Shop for your own materials, whenever you can. Furnishings like granite countertops, lighting and kitchen accessories can be bought on your own if you want to save up on costs.


Going green is not just a fad, it also means you are doing your little bit for the environment. Besides that, it will also be cost-effective and you will come to a kitchen that has managed to help you out with savings. Being mindful of this involves replacing regular kitchen lights with energy saving CFL’s that will last you a while. Buying second hand or gently used furniture such as chairs and tables, sometimes even appliances whose life can be extended a little more. These little things go a long way in saving costs and help in your green initiative.


Everyone loves the feel of a wooden floor, but sometimes that does really stretch your budget to a breaking point. Putting in a laminate flooring ensures the same look and feel but at less than half of the cost, plus the option to choose among many different varieties.

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