How a shirt can transform your style statement :

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The perfect shirt to frame and accentuate your physique will instantly up your style game. It can add some personality to your office wardrobe or put you in the spotlight at a formal event. Its all about playing around with fit and colour to make your shirt wardrobe both creative and classic.

All you need to do is extend the range of colours and play around with style and fabric. While traditionally shirts were separated into dress and sport, in todays social media-friendly, casual chic dominated corporate world, its possible to play around with the basics and use your style to make a unique statement.

Doing the debonair :

Choosing the right shirt for a suited occasion can make or break your look. For a classic finish, nothing works better than a white shirt. Choose a classic Oxford weave with a pointed collar, French cuff and traditional cut and youre all set to be debonair. If you want to up the ante, try doing a colour-matched suit and shirt i.e. black suit with black shirt and black tie. The effect will surely put all eyes on you. For a day look with a light coloured suit, you can even try a pinstripe or a light pastel coloured shirt.

Office agenda:

When choosing shirts for the office, its best to stay subtle and sophisticated. A traditional fit works best. While a range of soft shaded solids – blue, grey and pink, is a great basic for work, play around with stripes for extra flair. A contrasted collar and cuff is an option when you want to play a strong style card.

Weekend bliss:

A light-coloured linen shirt is your go-to for an easy weekend brunch. You can dress this look up or down depending on whether you want to leave it tucked and buttoned up, or just feel the ease with a relaxed top button open, untucked shirt. To give it a refined yet relaxed feel, try a Nehru collar with a casual fit.

Chic and easy :

Patterned shirts play well when you need to look good from day to night. Keep it simple with stripes, checks, polka dots or even a little audacious with a decorative pattern. Make sure to pick a pattern with small prints to maintain your style quotient. Buttoned down collars are the best pick for this look. When moving in to the evening, roll up your sleeve for that elegant ease.

Party play :

When looking to hit the nightclubs, is when choosing a shirt gets exciting. While cotton works for most occasions, heres when you can experiment with the fabrics and go bold with colour. Add some sheen to your look with a silk blend and choose a slim fit with a cutaway collar to add some character.

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