Dolphin Succulents Are The Latest Craze In Japan :

Posted by-Kalki Team

Remember the bunny succulent plants? If you liked those youre in for a real treat because someone just shared a pic of succulent plants that look like dolphins and the Japanese are going crazy about them!

Called the Senecio peregrinus, this plant has a bunch of tiny leaves that look like little dolphins jumping in the air. The best part? The longer the vines get, the more the leaves look like dolphins! So, not only does the plant make your home cozier but its pretty adorable as well.

Twitter user @kao77neko shared a picture of this succulent and it has over 10k retweets and 11k likes since. Thank you @kao77neko, for introducing us to this awesome dolphin plant that we never knew we loved!

source- bored panda

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