Trump-like VR headset, air purifying scarf: 5 amazing gadgets you didnt know were coming in 2017 :

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These devices arent changing the rules of the game, they are changing the game itself

Lets set some ground rules. This column isnt about the hottest and most anticipated gadgets of 2017. That list is really easy to draw up with the iPhone X/8/10, Samsung S8 and the Note 8, Nokias still unannounced super flagship phone, Google Pixel watch, LG W – the thin as a wallpaper TV, Teslas all-new Model

Supercar 3, Project Scorpio, Microsofts next-gen gaming console. Here are five incredible gadgets or technologies that could change the game and yet arent very well known so far. Think of it as an exclusive preview to the unknown sleeper hits that will blow your mind in 2017.

The suitcase that thinks its a dog :

No, it wont bark or even roll over to get its tummy tickled. This one will follow you all on its own. All you do is wear a special belt with a sensor and the suitcase rolls behind you making sure it avoids all the obstacles and people that come in between. Its got cameras and other features to make sure it keeps up with you. This is the latest innovation by a Piaggio division called Fast Forward and for some reason, they call this The Gita. Future versions wont need you to even wear the belt. So pack in those clothes and take your suitcase for a walk at the airport.

The cupboard that thinks its a maid :

I had given a short preview of this earlier. Finally, I got to experience the real thing. Collect all your dirty clothes, pile them into a drawer and come back after a few hours. The Laundroid cupboard will have washed, dried, ironed, sorted and shelved all your clothes according to your wishes. Thus, different family members clothes will go the designated shelves, all your shirts in one place, all your delicates colour-matched and lovingly laid out in another. This is a cupboard that may well change your life – one underwear at a time.

The shoes that think they are a movie :

In the movie Back to the Future, the main character has the most incredible sneakers ever. As he puts them on, they self-lace, tighten and are ready for action. Its been every geek and nerds dream to have one of those. And that time is here. Nike showcased self-lacing shoes a while back and a few prototypes were also doing some rounds, but now the real thing is here. And they look even better than the ones in the movie (in hindsight, they look really ugly now). The Nike HyperAdapt are nice looking, super sleek and actually very comfortable. And yes, they do lace up to near perfection all on their own.

A Scarf that thinks its an air purifier :

Well, this one just doesnt think its one – it actually is. Personal air purifiers are the solution to the greatest problem faced by all of us in India. You can use an air purifier in a closed room, but what do you when youre in the great outdoors? Thats where Wair wraps itself around you. It looks like a designer scarf (it comes in quite a few designs), but actually has a 360-degree filtration device system built inside it. Wear it around your neck and it pumps out clean, pure air directly into the space around you. Looks much better than those Darth Vader-like face masks too.

The VR headset that think its Donald Trump :

How do you get a headset to completely ignore reality and immerse itself in a self-made virtual world? You get HTC to make it. The original Vive HR has gained a cult following and is now the gold standard in VR. But the Vive 2 moves to the places no VR headset has gone before. Its completely wireless, and has almost zero pixelisation and some add-ons that take the immersive experience to a whole new level. The Vive 2 may not be able to build a wall along Mexico, but it can make you scale the walls of VR to a whole new height.

These are the kind of devices that arent changing the rules of the game, they are changing the game itself!

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