Recreating ARRs magic with office equipment :

Posted by-Kalki Team

If perfectly synchronised, music can be produced from anything and it has been proven time and again. Now, a video doing rounds on social media shows a bunch of people performing one of AR Rahmans evergreen hits, Rukumani, from Roja, using things and gadgets usually available in an office space.

Produced as a curtain raiser for AR Rahmans recently concluded concert in Shrajah Cricket Stadium in United Arab Emirates, the video shows a group of youngsters recreating the ARR magic with sounds like typing a keyboard, clicking of the mouse, hanging up the landline phones, beating the office tables and water cans, and even staplers for that matter.

A girls mellifluous voice completes the song, bringing the actual visuals of the song to viewer’s mind. The video has crossed one million views, 19,000 likes and continues to be shared and re-shared.

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