Wallpaper adds zest to your room :

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Wallpapers bring a lot of character to the room. I would say its great to build the story around it. Generally, I would like to use wallpaper only on a single wall. They bring style and can be used to bring out a world of difference to the room.

Wallpaper can be overdone like using bold patterns or designs on all areas. When combined with complementary solids - some themes of wallpaper get soothing and not too much in the face. Now a days, designs with fewer motifs and patterns such as stripes, bricks and polo checks are making a trend.

The room gets a special effect when one mixes and uses wallpaper in a room. Actually, anything works and there are no rules. So, what are its pros and cons? Pro would be its unique – I would love it to be a signature style. Con would be - it might get boring in a while as it will have a definite character. Sometimes less works more.

At times, people prefer specific colours. Some prefer pastels. I would love florescent or earthy tones. Like a sap green, burnt orange. I would like metallic personally unless its a commercial area.

Advantage of using a wallpaper is, its economical. You cannot get some of those looks with paint. It can be easily and quickly installed. Above all, it is totally mess free.

Its disadvantage is, it might peel if the room has high humidity. Also, it might not last long and look good because of bad or tacky installation. Especially, if there is a water leakage problem wallpapers are a big no no.

Maintenance and pricing work out more or less the same. Seriously, the difference is so marginal that one would not really mind. Maintenance-wise too it would be the same as both have equal pros and cons. Such a wide range is available in the market today that I am sure it is easy to find the right match pocket-wise.

So, what all places can one experiment with for using wallpapers? My latest is framing a wall paper design and hanging it up as a painting. Or pasting a little bit behind the shelf (when the shelf has a shutter or back). One could also use it on a wardrobe shutter.

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