This Toad Kept Coming To This Guys Porch, So He Started Making Him Tiny Hats :

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When the little boy of this imgur users friend lost his frog, he decided to do something quirky, unexpected and toad-ally amazing – start taking pictures of a toad with a hat to cheer the little fellow up. While this may have started as a modest act of kindness, it turned into a real toad fashion couture extravaganza.

The man took some foam paper and demonstrated some serious arts and crafts skills, taking toad millinery to the next level. While some people started writing negative comments saying that the guy has too much time on his hands, the user replied: “The longest I spent on each hat may have been 10 minutes.” Take that, toad fashion haters!

The gorgeous Alabama-based model, aka a Fowlers Toad, seemed more than happy to try on different hats, including that of a dandy, a street kid, a pimp, and a Texas boy. After the little impromptu fashion show and a photoshoot, the man sent the hats to his friends boy. While this didnt bring his frog back, were sure it made the boy feel a bit better.

source - bored panda

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