Interiors: Removing the tough stains of Holi off walls :

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Removing colour stains from walls can get quite tricky and complicated, so it is advisable to take precautionary steps before and after Holi, says an expert. Rajiv Rajgopal, Director, Decorative Paints, has listed a few quick tips that come in handy.

Paints come in several finishes (matte, semi-gloss, or glossy). It is suggested you opt for stain-resistant paints that are easily washable. If you have used oil-based wall colours, then apply a coat of anti-stain varnish that would protect it from marks and stains.

Excessive splash of Holi water on the exterior walls can easily get into the gaps and cracks of your home and damage the walls. Therefore, a coating of crack-proof emulsion will shield homes against damage keeping the exterior of the house in immaculate condition.

Avoid excessive scrubbing

Synthetic colours generally leave tough stains at home, however one should avoid rubbing the walls too hard and instead resort to light dabbing with soft cotton towels to avoid colour damage. Holi is not merely a festival outside the four walls, special attention needs to be paid to protect the sheen of wooden frames and furniture. An undercoat of water-based enamel is perfect for ceilings, windows, doors and walls.

Paint green, clean

Use toxin-free environment-friendly colours to protect the walls. If the colour stains are bad and stubborn, then simply roll over the dirty spots on the walls. To reduce the noticeability of the brush strokes on the wall, try to move the brush in multiple directions, working from the centre outward in each direction. However, professional help from a painter is advisable to make sure that the outcome is not patchy.

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