I Grow Succulents From Clay And Porcelain :

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I am a self-taught sculptor from the finger lakes region of New York State making botanical art from porcelain and clay.

As a child, I made my toys from modeling clay from as early as 4 years old. I created everything from animals, airplanes, soldiers, sports figures. I really would make anything I could imagine. I made my first flower at age 10 and it was a red and white Rose for my mother. I knew then that I would always be able to go back to making ceramic flowers to make money but didnt do so until I was 26 years old.

Now 4 years later I have made almost 1,000 of these creations with each one bringing a deeper meaning other than just their obvious beauty. Every now and then I say I want to make something other than a flower or a succulent but I always go back to forming petals in that geometric sequence that is so captivating. Each flower is different and I wont ever stop making them. After all the world can always use more flowers.

By​ - Owen Mann

source - bored panda

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