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BMW 750 Li is an advanced version that has speed, comfort and classy design

In the world of luxury every now and then you find some uniquely breathtaking products. However, when it comes to luxury in automobiles, there is very limited scope left to surprise you. Often there would be use of next generation technology, some unmatchable comfort, space, speakers etc.

to woo you. But, it gets hard to distinguish one luxury car from the other. They all offer some great mind-boggling features. With the three Germans vying to outdo each other for so many years now there is little left in terms of novelty. However, the makers have been taking the challenge head on. Welcome BMW 750 Li, a car that greets you in style, pulls in a surprise, and makes you smile.

The sixth generation of BMW 7 series was launched in Delhi at the Auto Expo 2016. It comes in two distinct design schemes – the M Sport and Design Pure Excellence. M Sport has sporty styling and interiors all through while Design Pure Excellence has elegant contours and classy look. This February 2017, we got our turn to experience the luxurious limousine. That was almost after a year of its launch. Hence, we werent expecting much newness considering the detailed painstaking research of the product that we had already undertaken sometime back.

The 750 Li is one of its kind. The full body massaging seats not just in the rear but also in the front, the iDrive system with gesture controls, the remote control parking, the display key and so much more there is to this car. The design of this long executive sedan gives it a confident and planted stance. There is luxury written all over it not just on the inside but also on the exterior. The laser light with blue design features illuminates the road in laser high beam mode for up to 600metres i.e. twice the range of a conventional LED headlight.

On the inside, you find the vitality package with eight massage functions of much utility and practicality, the ambient lighting with six dimmable designs to change the colour theme in your cabin, ambient air package with eight custom-made fragrances and the unmatchable comfort.

The 4.4litre eight cylinder engine produces an output of 330kW of power and a maximum torque of 650 Newton Metres at 1800 to 4500rpm. There are drive modes like comfort, eco pro, and sport which overhaul your drive experience altogether. The all-wheel drive car sails smooth and the thrust in acceleration even though lags by a fraction of a second or so there is so much punch to get butterflies in your belly. It makes 0 to 100km/hr in 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 250km/hr. However, I would say it is so much more fun to drive around this one at slow and comfortable speeds without much pushing the pedal.

With the 2-Axle air suspension the car automatically adjusts the height regardless of the load it carries. So, it lowers or raises the vehicle height according to road conditions. Well, no wonder the ground clearance never really disappoints. Overall, 750 Li in its sixth generation is a completely new car which offers much newness and brings in all from the BMW stable. This product takes you in unmatched luxury. The S-class and A8 stand in line.

The car is priced at ₹1.55 crore (ex-showroom price) and is only available in CBU import with options of customization. It comes with BMW Repair Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus that cover the warrantable repairs for up to three years without any mileage limitations and all routine service work within a period of three years or 60,000 kms respectively.

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