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Nine storytellers from the city have joined hands to form Springboard Tales, an initiative that intends to spread happiness through stories. They have created a website, where they will create downloadable story videos which lets people relish the joy of stories forever. They will also host events and have e-books of stories.

Towards the end of last year, a bunch of storytellers got together and decided it is time to use their favourite tool to restore hope and bring cheer to people. Almost two months after this discussion, on February 17, the website Springboard Tales went live.

Alvin Ansa Raja, Indu Divya, Pretigaya Haran, Debjani Bhaduri, Ambujavalli N, Vithya Dhanaraj, Priti Sudarsan and Kavitha Thyagarajan decided to use the new initiative to spread joy through their stories.

Talking about the initiative, Alvin says, “We all pondered upon how life is so stressful these days and there is so much tension, cynicism and negativity around. If not anything else, we can atleast share stories that can bring in happiness among people. It will aid them in leading a meaningful life.”

They intend to have a theme for every month, where all the nine storytellers will upload videos of different stories based on the theme. The audience are free to download them and keep it with them for posterity. Even audience are free to upload relevant videos.

“The stories will be in Tamil, Hindi and English. In todays busy world and smaller family sizes the importance of the spoken word has dwindled. Springboard Tales is an attempt at bringing back not just the oral tradition but also infuse a wave of positivity in ones lives,” explains Indu. Most of the stories will be funbased with some educational value attached to it.

“Individuals exposed to good stories can become the beacon of happiness for an entire world. We are hoping that are stories help in establishing this purpose,” adds Alvin. The nine storytellers have very different kind of styles of narration and dabble in different genres but are coming together under the common interest of spreading joy around.

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