Nikhil DSouza on why performing at college fests feels awesome :

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A powerhouse on stage, Bollywood singer Nikhil Dsouza — who performed at Symbiosis Law School — says theres a great exchange of energy at college fests; also talks about his inspiration.

Students welcomed Bollywood singer Nikhil DSouza with cheers that could be heard blocks away. On stage for Symbiosis Law Schools annual cultural fest, Symfiesta, the 35-year-old O Gujariya (Queen; 2013) mesmerised the crowd with his arresting vocals and guitar riffs, getting them to sing along. The energy was palpable.

“It is lovely to sing at college fests to such a lovely audience,” said DSouza , who believes that unlike commercial gigs, students at these fests are fully invested in the performance.

“They make videos, hum your tunes with you, and demand for their favourite tracks to be performed, which makes me happy. It shows their genuine interest. The love I get from them at these fests helps me understand what they love and enjoy about my music. They come especially to see the singer perform and there is a great exchange of energy. As a singer, one cannot ask for more,” said DSouza.

Students were equally thrilled. “I have always heard Nikhil on the radio or my phone. But listening to him live is something way better. He is definitely cool,” said Vikram Nayyar, a student.

In this age of music collaborations, DSouza hasnt yet joined the bandwagon. Whos on his wish list? “My dream collaborations would be with Sting or Radiohead. I look up to them as inspiration, and drawing influence from such talented singers pushes the boundaries of ones own music,” said the singer.

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