Man carves artefacts out of bones and ivory with pre-historic technique :

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There are many unique art forms in India that the younger generation thinks will not get them money. However there are many people that believe that pre-historic art has to be preserved and continue doing it without much recognition like a bone carver from Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a media report, Abrar Ahmad was the man to introduce his village Mailaraihanj to the unique art of bone carving. The pre-historic art is practiced by the 70-year-old carver in his workshop in his small house with a brick kiln roof. The carver has also got the State Handicrafts Award in 2009 for his immense work in the unique art of making artefacts from bones of dead animals. The bones and ivory are beaten to shape before they are carved using different tools to make beautiful and intricately designed artefacts. Ahmad sadly has been working as a carver for most part of his life but has earns less than a daily wage labourer in his village in Uttar Pradesh.

With online shopping making it big, the trade has been seriously affected as people do not mind buying artefacts at exorbitant prices rather than buying handmade cheaper stuff from carvers across the country.

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