Dress up your walls :

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Give bare walls a makeover with these interesting ideas and create a warm mood to welcome you when you return home after a stressful day at work.

Vintage art gallery :

Those of you who love art and can appreciate it, try using framed artworks on the wall. A collection of vintage art really gives the living room a classic look. To accentuate the effect, try using metallic floral wallpaper, as it works like a statement piece as well.

Wall of mirrors :

Mirrors add a lovely feel to any room and give a positive feel as they reflect light and make a space all bright and cheerful. Use different kinds of mirrors to decorate your wall. It is also a great idea for a bathroom wall. A collage of mirrors makes this bathroom feel larger while breaking up the monotonous wall. Choose different style mirrors in the same colour for a cohesive look.

Inspire yourself with quotes :

All of us need our daily dose of inspiration to step out of home and get on with our daily routines or do something out-of-the block. You can find a plethora of inspirational signage in stores, but you can make your own, too. Use different colours and patterns of washi tape for a funky way to display your favourite quote.

Add some quirk :

Are you one of those who loves a splash of quirkiness in your life? Then go for unusual screen prints and decorate your blank wall. Give your walls a cool effect with a pop art look. Make a faux screen-print that will bring a little quirkiness to any room. One tip to follow is always opt for bright and cheerful ones, they will make you feel happy on a bad day.

Food and fun :

If you are looking for pepping up your kitchen wall, then just print your favourite food photographs, put them in basic frames and hang them at varying heights for an art gallery look right in your own kitchen. Right from fresh fruits to an exotic Italian dish, food is what drives most of us and by putting them on your kitchen, you can’t go wrong.

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