Book Review: An unlikely love affair and a happy ending ;

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Cecelia Aherns newest novel is a refreshing change from the usual boy meets girl love story.

The story revolves around a young male documentary filmmaker and a breathtakingly beautiful, wild girl living a secluded life in the mountains who has an extraordinary talent for mimicry just like the real Australian Lyrebird. They meet and then its instant magic with emotions running high.

The writing style is remarkable for it maintains a mysterious element throughout. The pace is smooth and slowly unfolds itself. The love between Laura and Solomon, the main characters, is so pure and the intensity is virtually palpable. Being a very different story, I was unable to stop reading till I reached the end.

As the author says, life is in two parts — who you were before you met her, and who you are after.

Until now, I confess I have not been a huge fan of Cecelia Aherns writing, but this novel changed my opinion. She has poured in a lot of emotion which is evident in the writing. The story begins quite slowly but after the entry of Laura, takes an exciting course.

— Written by Dr Nehla Issac, member, JustBooks

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