Disturbing Tricks Photographers Use To Make Food Look Yummy ;

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It is rightly said, Eye appealing products are sold the most". The methods and products that photographers use to make food items look tasty are not even edible.

The world of advertising is vast and one needs to make special use of their imagination power to make their product look good. Be it using foam gel in soft drinks or spraying deodorants, so many tricks are used to make foods look fresh and tasty.

Here are some of these methods which make our tongue drooping and mouth-watering on seeing some delicious food items.

Find out how awful they will taste if we eat them the way they are presented.

Have you ever noticed why all the fruits in advertisements look shiny and fresh? A single spray of deodorant can make them look like that. Some photographers also use hairsprays for this purpose.

Maple syrups are too absorbent. Pancakes easily absorb the syrup, so photographers use engine oil or even some water-repellent oils which look exactly like maple syrup.

A coating of glucose syrup on Chinese noodles will make them look fresh for an extended amount of time. Noodles take very less time to cook and they dry very quickly, thus photographers use this method to trick customers.

Advertisers use cardboard sheets between the layers of cake to keep them dry. They attach it properly with toothpicks and apply crème layer on the top to hide it. This trick is also used in burgers and sandwiches.

Isnt this strange?

Photographers use liquid soap to create stable foam which looks attractive in beers or soft drinks. This method can also be used to display milk foam.

Well, you must be shocked...

The ice-cream we see in advertisements is not real. Advertisers use mashed potatoes and colour them to make them look like different ice-cream flavours. This is because ice-creams easily melt under hot studio ambience and lights.


Whipped cream easily melts and it becomes difficult to make the dish stable for photography. So, advertisers use shaving cream instead of whipped cream.

Ice cubes melt very fast if left open. Instead, photographers use plastic ice cubes which remain intact and do not melt. It is used in advertising soft drinks.

Now I feel, I am cheated...

Corn flakes or cereals absorb milk quickly, so, photographers use glue instead of milk which also helps cereals to remain on the surface.

Bubbles which appear naturally in soft drinks disappear quickly. Advertisers use antacids in soft drinks which cause chemical reaction and bubbles reappear.

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