Exploring Sagar Island In West Bengal ;

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The aura of a river basin is tranquil and scenic. Since the rivers have been given a status of goddess, they are also the Hindu religious places in India. These river deltas and islands have a great significance. Sagar Island in West Bengal is one such place which is known as a pilgrimage spot as well as a tourist destination.

Sagar Island :

Sagar Island is located at the confluence of River Hooghly (Ganga) and Bay of Bengal. This place is also known as Ganga Sagar, where thousands of pilgrims congregate every year to take a holy dip in the river.

Legend Of Sagar Island :

It is said that a sage named Kardam Muni had made a pact with Lord Vishnu.

According to this pact, Kardam Muni would enter the marital life only if Lord Vishnu promise to be born as his son. Kapil Muni, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born to Kardam Muni.

Kapil Muni Temple

It so happens that King Sagars sacrificial horse gets stolen it disrupts his worship. So, he sends his 60,000 sons to find the horse. The thief of the horse is none other than Indra, who would have hidden it in Kapil Munis ashram.

King Sagars sons reach this ashram and find the horse there. They mistake Kapil Muni to be the thief and abuse him. Kapil Muni, angered by their act, burns them into ashes with his special powers.

Upon knowing the incident, King Sagar requests Kapil Muni to have some compassion and asks him revive his sons. Finally, Kapil Muni agrees with a condition that he will restore all the princes only when Goddess Parvati comes down to earth as River Ganga. So, River Ganga enters the earth and all the princes are revived.

Aghori Baba at Sagar Island :

It is said that River Ganga came to earth on the day of Sankranti. Hence, all the devotees take a holy dip in the river at Sagar Island on the day of Sankranti. Interestingly, it is one of the largest religious gathering, which happens every year.

Note: Hooghly River is a distributary of the Ganges. Hence, it was traditionally called as Ganga River in West Bengal. It is also known as Muriganga River.

How To Reach Sagar Island :

Sagar Island is around 111 km from the city of Kolkata. The visitors have to reach Harwood Point and then take a ferry to reach the Sagar Island.

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