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There is more to Switzerland that the snow-covered mountains, chocolates and cheese. The dynamic and safe country, rich in contrast and colour, has something to offer every traveller

Our trip to Switzerland began with an exciting train ride from the Gare De Lyon station in Paris, on board the TGV Lyria, on an October morning. After a comfortable journey of three hours, we reached Basel and proceeded to Niederried, near Interlaken OST (railway station) by car. The soft cold breeze hit us instantly as we reached Interlaken. We also caught a scintillating view of tall mountains coated with white snow. We reached Niederried in 30 minutes and checked into our lodge that was located right next to a train station.

Our next day was phenomenal with an unforgettable trip to Mt. Titlis at 10,000 feet above sea level, reachable via an exciting ride on the world’s first revolving cable car. We started from our lodge in Niederried and caught a train to arrive at Interlaken OST in five minutes. The Interlaken station provides extensive connectivity to a lot of stations including Lucerne, which was our next stop. From Lucerne we boarded a train to Engelberg and arrived at Mt. Titlis. The rotair (cable car) ride couldn’t have given us a better experience to capture the pristine mountains and the lovely scenery enveloped in lingering mist. As soon as we reached the top, we entered the glacier cave that made us slip and slide with glee.

After this, we proceeded to the most exhilarating experience of our lives — The Titlis Glacier park. We repeatedly climbed the snow and slid down with great gusto and hurled snow balls at each other. The cold breeze and the white sparkling snow with an unbelievably beautiful backdrop were inviting and impossible to leave behind. We reluctantly made our way out and reached a restaurant only to be greeted with the aroma of familiar food. A wide array of mouth-watering dishes spanning the South to the North of India.

The next day, we visited the city of Bern that boasts of a perfect blend of a string of modern and traditional stores. At this shopper’s paradise, we purchased a lovely cuckoo clock and a Swiss army knife. We also made a memorable trip to the shop of a friendly Swiss native where we bought creamy Lindt chocolates at a great bargain.

The last day of our trip was spent at the bustling city of Zurich where we purchased the most exquisite macaroons. We also visited a brockenhaus (store that sells second-hand goods that had everything from cutlery and cribs to artwork and toys. Before calling it a day, we indulged in a never-seen-before variety of cheese, the taste of which, much like the whole trip, lingered much after we left the country.

For a hassle-free trip

A trip to Switzerland is convenient with a Swiss pass that provides you with unlimited rail travel, easing your transportation worries.

A visit to Mount Titlis can be availed at a discounted price for Swiss pass holders.

Cab fares in Switzerland are very expensive, so make sure your accommodation is at a walkable distance from a train station. Plan in advance to get best offers on flight tickets

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