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1. When a pirate is ‘tipping the blackspot’,

a.He is Making a death threat

b. Swabbing a dirty deck

c. Removing his eye patch

d. Asking for pepper

2. When a pirate says ‘shiver me timbers’ he is saying

a. It’s cold out there, matey!

b. The wind is blowing and the ship is creaking.

c. Whoa…what the heck was that?

d. He’s singing a work song.

3. What are ‘long clothes’?

a. Rough weather gear that pirates wore when sailing through hurricanes.

b. The dresses female pirates wore

c. Baggy pants and loose jackets that only landlubbers wore.

d. A type of sail used when running down wind.

4. What is a Yellow Jack?

a. Pirates’ slang for a yellow jacket.

b. The name of a legendary sea monster known to have sunken many a ship.

c. A warning flag. When a Yellow Jack is flown, it means there’s a contagious

illness on board.

d. The name of a famous merman.

5. When a pirate takes a caulk, he is

a. Taking a nap on deck.

b. Brushing his teeth

c. Going to the bathroom

d. Shipwrecked on a deserted island.

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