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3 Unique Cafes in Hong Kong :

While on a vacation, one thing that everyone keeps looking out for is restaurants to get good food. Getting good food is one thing, but what if there are quirky restaurants which you can go to? So if you are ever planning to visit Hong Kong, put these restaurants into your itinerary.

Cat Store Cafe :

If you are a cat lover, be sure to visit the Cat Store Cafe in Causeway Bay at Hong Kong. Their desserts and cutlery are cat shaped and the added bonus is that they have cats that keep you company. Travel bloggers seem to love this cafe and a few of them say that there are more than 10 cats in the restaurant, that just chill and curl up beside you, while you sip a cup of coffee. They have cat-themed products like photographs, photo frames, cups, mugs and pillows.

Ease Cafe :

This place will be perfect for a comic book lover especially manga comics. The restaurant has a collection of more than 5,000 comics and also serve a breakfast menu, Italian pasta dishes and beverages.

OnDogDog Cafe :

Now if there is a cat cafe, you will surely find one where there are dogs that roam around freely while you much on some short-eats at the OnDogDog Cafe. Three huskies, one akita and one shiba will greet you as you walk into the cafe. The cafe is cosy and is just like any other restaurant, but one difference would be the dogs. Pets of customers are also allowed inside the restaurant and doggy treats and products are available.

- Compiled by Kaviya Sanjeevi

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