Freezy Creamy Banana Scoops :

Posted by-Kalki Team

Hey guys, this is an easy breezy recipe for you to make. You just need to have bananas and chocolate sauce. Get your friends together and GO BANANAS!


2 bananas

2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce or melted chocolate

Toppings: Honey, cashew, pista, badam, sprinkles


Peel the bananas and slice them into big pieces

Freeze them for two hours

Take them out and keep it aside for five minutes

Next take a blender and blend the banana to a nice soft consistency

It will become creamy, like an ice cream. Then add two table spoons of chocolate sauce and blend again

Pour this into a container and freeze again for five minutes

After five minutes, take it out and serve like an ice cream with toppings

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