Telangana: Mylaram caves ideal for adventurous visitors :

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Government plans to develop the hillocks into a world class tourism attraction soon.

WARANGAL URBAN: Naturally-formed caves with a series of caverns and tunnels and interlinking routes are found in the nallaguttalu hillock near the Mylaram village in Ghanpur village of Jayashankar Bhupalapalli district. The caves, though black on the outside, are white inside.

They were formed by the continuous flow of water and limestone deposited over millions of years, forming stalactites and stalagmites in several shapes. A Shiva Linga, birds, lion, human face and several such shapes can be seen which remind visitors of the Borra and Belum caves in AP.

The Mylaram caves have become places for hard-core adventurers and fearless curiosity seekers to explore the cramped, dark corners.

There are several entrances to the caves in the hillock. There are tunnels from the top, too. The height of these caves ranges from 5 feet to 100 feet. While some of them are narrow, others are as wide and spacious as a ballroom. Intricate formations created by nature add immensely to the allure of the caves.

The presence of hundreds of bats can sometimes be scary but their squeaking noises add to the ambiance. The mammals, though, do not bother the visitors if left undisturbed.

The local youth have put in efforts to develop the area by clearing a 2km route through the small forest from the village for vehicles to pass.

“The atmosphere inside the caves is cool. The humidity is not high because of light rays and air entering the caves through small creeks, so most of the caves are not entirely dark. However, it is better to carry a torch light and several safety measures are required,” said local youth Gorre Ramesh.

The state tourism department has decided to develop these caves into a tourist spot. The work is currently at tenders stage.

TSTDC chairman Pervaram Ramulu has announced that the caves would be developed under the Swadesh Darshan scheme for which Rs 5 lakh has been allotted for basic amenities.

The spot is 55 km from Warangal and 200 km from Hyderabad. The caves could be a major boost for tourism if developed like Borra and Belum caves.

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