The Most Stunning Visionary Photos Of Planet Earth :

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The earth is a beautiful place to dwell in. As humans, we are lucky to be born here. The photos listed here are simply breathtaking. Youll find yourself staring at them, theyre simply stunning.

Here are the worlds most phenomenal photos from December 2016 and February 2017 issues of National Geographics magazine. The first three shots are from the February issue and last three are from the December issue.

A polar bear and its four-month-old cub are seen nestling by a willow tree. This is the time of the year when hungry mothers and their cubs exit their birthing dens every year during the spring season.

Also, at the same time, in the Hudson Bay, which is near this park, seal pups are born on packs of ice.

Under protection since 1973, this is a range on the Carpathian Mountains. The sight is very mesmerizing and it features the formation of a braid on the beech and spruce trees, on a ridge in the West Beskids. This photo is from certain areas in Poland and Slovakia.

This is the Pléneau Island of Antarctica, where gentoo penguins mate each spring. Having an average weight of 12 pounds and 2.5 feet tall, these penguins gather here in large numbers, up to thousands.

Captured in the village of Crni Vrh, this photo shows spikes that had formed from ice. This is the result of fog freezing after a week of snow and gales. Just imagine how chilly it must be there!

This ice-covered house is a landmark for the contestants of the

Šediváčkův Long dogsled race. Around 700 dogs compete in this annual four-day race, which is 150 miles long.

The whale is less than a week old, and it is about 15 feet long and will grow to about 50 feet. FYI, Humpback whales calve in these waters only.

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