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Inclov, a matchmaking app focusing on people with disability and health disorders to find a life partner, was developed by Shankar Srinivasan and Kalyani Khona in January 2016.

Chennai: Social Spaces is their offline meet-up series where they aim to provide an innovative platform for all our users to come and meet in-person. The latest meet-up is planned on Sunday at Zorba Studio on Mount Road in Chennai.

Vedhika (name changed) is looking forward to Sunday. She has already planned what to wear to the meetup and catch-up with some like-minded people at Zorba studio in Mount Road. While the studio hosts yoga sessions on a daily basis, this one is unique. Differently-abled single men and women will be interacting, doing yoga and having a good time at the session.

In the process, they might end up meeting their future soul mate. Vedhika, who has a permanent limp in her left foot owing to an accident few years ago, is looking out for someone who understands her and considers her just another normal person. Inclov, a match-making app for differently-abled individuals that started exactly a year ago has been hosting offline meets called Social Spaces in different cities. This time it will be held in Chennai.

Talking about the app, Shankar puts forth, “We realised that the usual matrimonial websites and dating apps do not really pay much attention to the differently-abled. We did extensive research on the challenges faced by the differently-abled in their social life and eventually raised funds on a crowd-funding platform in August 2015.

The app, developed by a visually impaired, was beta-tested by differently-abled and accessibility experts. And we went live on January 21, 2016. As of today, we have 7,000 users from across the country and we have successfully matched 2,000 individuals and 67% of them are actively using the app to look for a date or life partner.”

People with disability usually have restricted social lives due to inaccessible transports, roadways and public places. “To bring about this systemic change and create inclusive environment for people with disability, we launched Social Spaces which has proven to be a huge success.

We have had 15 meetups so far, impacting more than 10,000 people. We usually include interesting sessions, fun games, music and other such things which can break the ice for attendees and eventually make them interact in informal settings,” explains Shankar.

To register for the meetup, register at https://in.ex

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