Paris based pastry chef creates desserts to match with mens shoes :

Posted by-Kalki Team

If youre having trouble deciding which dessert to have in Paris, perhaps its as simple as choosing whatever matches your outfit. Thats what Parisian pastry chef, Tal Spiegel, does by coordinating confectionery works of art with his shoes.

Glancing through Spiegels Instagram account, Desserted_in_Paris viewers will notice shots of unique and intricate pastries from all around Paris, paired with the perfect shoe to match.

For example, one post features the “Bibliothèque Bûche:” six book cakes on a chocolate shelf with raspberry confit, all held above white, brown, yellow and red shoes for one aesthetically pleasing photograph.

“I am a graphic designer and chef patisserie currently living in Paris and exploring all the best desserts Paris has to offer along with my huge shoe collection. There is a natural connection between the colourfulness of desserts and shoes, and this is a project I just cant stop,” Spiegel says about this project.

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