Zebronics Thrill 5.1 speaker launched at Rs 4,444 :

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Key features include an enhanced bass and an accurate sonic imaging with an output range of 80 RMS.

Zebronics has unveiled their latest product called the Thrill 5.1 speaker. The 5.1 surround speaker system is priced at Rs 4,444. According to the company , the key features include enhanced bass and an accurate sonic imaging with an output range of 80W RMS (root mean square) sound. Zebronics Thrill system has 10x5W front satellites and and a 30W subwoofer for distortion. Zebronics also boasts of adjustable bass, which can be set, according to the user’s preferences.

“Our Thrill Speakers has the Loudest bang for the buck. We are thrilled to bring in another addition to our widest Audio range. The speakers are best suited positioned during games to movies and more for the most realistic and amazing experience ever! Be ready to be thrilled with Zebronics,” said Pradeep Doshi, Director of Zebronics in a press release.

The speaker system also comes equipped with a host of connectivity options such as USB cable, UX cable and can be connected to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops or a pen drive. The speaker also is fitted with a SD card slot, should you wish to listen to music from a memory card.

The company also claims the Zebronics Thrill system can convert a two channel sound input into virtual 5.1 surround sound. The speaker system also come with FM Radio support for those like to tune into this.

Additionally Zebronics has included a remote control with the speaker system, which will let users control the device from anywhere in the room. It also comes with an integrated LED display and volume control on the subwoofer for manual control. Zebronics Thrill 5.1 multimedia is already available in leading retail stores across India.

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