Modified Mahindra TUV300 Wants To Be A Jeep Cherokee; Asks INR 1.5 Lakh For It :

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I think well all agree that the new Jeep vehicles are exorbitantly priced in India. You might like their toughness, or their road presence, or their iconic design, but the fact is when you think of buying one, you also feel the need to rob a bank.

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Now, not everyone is Butch Cassidy, so if youre a hardcore Jeep fan with limited resources, you can be someone like this Mahindra TUV300 owner who took the shortcut.

He got his Mahindra modified to look like a Jeep, the Cherokee to be precise.

The modification, done by a workshop in Kerala, involves ripping off the TUVs face and replacing it with a makeshift Jeep one. So the original grille, which admittedly looks like a Jeep job anyway, gave way to a shoddily made replica of the one on the Cherokee.

The TUVs headlamps took a walk, and in their place came in a pair from the Audi Q3. In place of the original bumper, there now sits a redesigned one that tries to look like the one on the Grand Cherokee. The stock fog lamps, however, have been retained.

Even at the back, the tail gate mounted spare wheel has been cleaned up, and replaced with a Jeep logo. The rest of the bodywork seems to have been left untouched, while modifications done to the interiors remain unknown. We hope the owner has replaced the Mahindra logo on the steering wheel with a Jeep one; thats the least he can do.

Its highly unlikely that the mechanical bits have been modified, so it still moves like a Mahindra and not a Jeep. But heres the shocker - the price of this rather questionable modification is purportedly INR 1.5 lakh. At that price, wed rather settle for a tastefully modified TUV300 with go-faster modifications and upgraded footwear.

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