These New Airless Bike Tires Will Never Get Flat!

Posted by-Kalki Team

Flat bike tires are the bane of every cyclists existence. But thanks to nexo, a Utah-based start-up, flat tires will become a thing of the past! Forget pumps, patch kits, and replacing inner tubes. Just ride!

This isnt a new concept by any means, these tires have been developed before but have never been widely used as they were stiff and had poor suspension. However, Nexo found a solution to these problems by making the tires using polymer blends.

This new material makes for the perfect balance of cushioning, resilience and durability. Their longest lasting tire lasts 5000 miles, where a high-end rubber road tire will last half that time.

Nexo made their products from a single material, which makes recyclability really easy. Just over 10,000,000 tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded every year. This seems a very good solution indeed!

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