See How The Coldest Village On Earth Looks Where Temperature Can Reach -71.2C :

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If you believe that winter has as of now in your city, pictures from Oymyakon, Russia, the coldest town on Earth, may alter your opinion.

With the most reduced temperature of −71.2 °C (−96 °F), recorded in 1924, and the normal for January being - 50°C (- 60°F), this town is the coldest for all time occupied place on this planet.

New Zealand-based picture taker Amos Chapple chose to go on a two-day travel from Yakutsk to catch what regular day to day existence resembles in Oymyakon.

"I was wearing slim pants when I initially ventured outside into - 47 °C (- 52°F).

I felt like the icy was physically holding my legs, the other amazement was that once in a while my spit would solidify into needles that would prick my lips", the picture taker advised to

The picture taker reviews that the hardest thing was not the frosty itself, but rather that his cameras concentration and zoom rings would incidentally solidify set up.

The Central Market In Yakutsk is full of fish and meat as the crops do not grow there

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