Bengaluru To Chennai In 30 Mins! Indias Need for Speed Fulfilled By Elon Musks Hyperloop

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In what comes as a breakthrough to save on journey time, Hyperloop One, a US-based company has come up with an ambitious project on superfast transportation, showing its interest in India. The levitation-based company has commenced on a plan that completely focusses on the way people move from one place to another.

Hence, it has chosen Chennai-Bengaluru route among its semi-finalists in the global challenge for India Debut.

So, now you can reach Bengaluru from Chennai in 30 minutes. No, this is not a joke. This is Hyperloop Ones proposed mode of transport.

Let me give you an insight of the whole matter.

And for the project, it has started with Chennai-Bengaluru corridor.

Conceived by Elon Musk and realised as a company by Shervin Pishevar in 2014, Hyperloop One in its Global challenge proposed a plan that focuses on minimising the journey time.

Like, Chennai to Bengaluru in 30 minutes.

This technology is created to carry passengers and cargo at the speed of 700mph.

This makes the use of a tube propped up on concrete pillars.

This vacuum will allow the train or pod to float inside the tunnel and hence to achieve the speed easily.

Apart from Chennai- Bengaluru, the other corridors Like Chennai - Mumbai, Bengaluru - Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai - Delhi will also be targeted.

The company has approached the ministry with a letter of intent. At present, Chennai- Bengaluru route is studied to find out if they can lay tracks for the bullet trains to run.

It will come up in next 5 years and will reduce the travel time from 90 minutes to 12 minutes.

The company surely knows what to do.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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