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If you have ever managed to catch a movie at Devi theatre in Triplicane and walked out from the backside entrance, you surely would have noticed a literally hole-in-the-wall shop dolling out batches of piping hot samosas, kachoris, jalebi and gulab jamuns. From 4 pm in the evening till about 9 pm, this shop in Ellis Road is crowded with office-goers, movie buffs and college students waiting get their hands on the delicious snacks and sweetmeats. Bombay Lassi has been a favourite for all those who miss the north Indian samosas, kachoris, jalebis and gulab jamun.

For over 40 years, they have served up numerous glasses of this thick and creamy concoction to patrons who travel long distances just for this. Even with a dollop of malai on top, it’s not overly sweet. With a loyal customer base, the shop has been a popular haunt for foodies across Chennai.

Bombay Lassi is run by brothers Dilip Yadav and Balakrishna Yadav. Their grandfather, Mohanlal Yadav came to Chennai from Mathura, decades ago looking for business opportunities. He set up the shop and brought his family to the city. Today the shop is run by six to eight members of the family and they also have cooks from up north for preparing the food items. All the items are served in leaf plates. The shop does not have any sitting arrangement and one has to stand and eat. Do not even think of getting your four-wheeler out here; it is located in a very narrow alley.

The flaky samosas have a masaledaar aloo stuffing and are served with deliciously tangy chutney. The crispy kachori with dal filling is equally tantalising. The jalebis are tart and dripping with sugar syrup. And to top it all, nothing is expensive here. Even if you end up eating every item on their list, you won’t be spending more than 70 bucks.

If you are craving for some savoury and samosa at the same time in the evening, then you know where to head.SOURCE - CHENNAI CAFE

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