How to create interesting ceilings :

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If you have never paid much attention to your ceiling, now is a good time to make amends

The ceiling used to be one of the more neglected parts of the house in the home remodeling process. But over the last few years as access to décor ideas has grown online, we have seen ample examples of really creative ceilings. Here are a few ideas on how to experiment with your ceiling.

Plaster of Paris:

For those who love ornate ceiling details, Plaster of Paris is a great option to create reliefs that can then be assembled on the ceiling, either as an anchor in the center or as a running detail throughout the ceiling. Consult an interior designer or a contractor to execute this at home.


Designer Chaitali Parikh Mehta used fabric (view thumbnail gallery) to experiment with her ceiling. To hang your favourite textile from the ceiling, get fabric loops stitched at the end of the fabric on all eight sides. This ensures that the fabric does not get limp after some time and holds its position upright.


Interior designer Shabnam Gupta designed this villa in Goa for a client and we were inspired by her idea of a dimpled concrete ceiling that gives it a three dimensional quality. However you need a qualified professional to help execute this idea. Consult your local contractor or designer to know more.


For a more laidback look, designer Chaitali Parikh Mehtas idea of using loose bamboo on the ceiling is a very Asian inspired aesthetic. You can choose to fill up the ceiling space entirely with the bamboo sticks or leave large gaps in between. Again, it would be useful to hire a professional designer or contractor to execute this idea.

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