This Is How Native Americans Lived 100 Years Ago (Pictures)

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The culture of the indigenous Americans was very rich, but it began to fade during the beginning of the 20th century. Edward Sheriff Curtis in his entire life has recorded and captured the lifestyle of the primitive tribes in North America. His exclusive work includes some of the most alluring pictures from that era.

Edward spent more than 20 years and travelled across the continents and captured over 40,000 images of over 80 tribes. He also recorded their languages and songs and transcribed oral stories and biographies.

Have a look at the extensive work of Edward!

1. An Apsaroke Mother and Child, 1908.

They used baby carriers worn on mothers back like a backpack generally carried while travelling.

2. A Tewa Girl, 1906.

Tewa people mostly resided in the Arizona and New Mexico vicinity. This hairstyle was known as a butterfly whorl.

3. Sioux Chiefs, 1905.

War lances became a prestigious weapon of mounted warriors after the introduction of the horses.

4. An Apsaroke man on horseback, 1908.

5. Black Eagle, An Assiniboine Man, 1908.

Such wisdom in his eyes...

6. A Jicarilla Girl, C 1910.

She has a beauty that cant be defined.

7. A Klamath Chief stands on a hill above Crater Lake, Oregon, 1923.

8. Piegan Tepees, 1910.

9. Navajo man, 1904.

10. Piegan Girls, 1910.

11. Man dressed as a bear, 1914.

12. The Apache Tribe of Euskadi, 1903.

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