Places to Visit in Karnataka This January :

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Mangalore is known for its beaches. January is the perfect time to explore this beach destination. Take a stroll along the coastline, or laze around and enjoy the beautiful sunsets the place offers. The city is named after the deity Mangaladevi, and also has a rich historical past to explore!

Coorg is among the top tourist places of the state of Karnataka. With its natural attractions and beautiful landscapes, this hill station is a wonder each time you visit it! Some of the attractions not to be missed here include Bylakuppe and Abbey Falls.

Udupi is for those who wish to travel to a pilgrimage destination this month. The place has several temples for you to visit for a blessed beginning of the year.

The alluring beaches and the pious temples make Gokarna a favourite destination among tourists and travellers alike. Gokarna is located at the confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini, and is a place that has its mentions in Hindu mythology.

Badami is one of the places in Karnataka known for its forts and temples. Also known for adventure activities like rock climbing, the month of January is apt for a visit to this location. Agasthya lake, Open Air Museum and Badami Fort are some of the tourist places to visit here.

Pattadakkal is another destination in Karnataka to explore this January. This World Heritage Site is known for its historic temples and archaeological sites that attract travellers from around the world. The Mallikarjuna Temple, Sangamesvara Temple, Virupaksha Temple and Sculpture Gallery are some of the attractions not to be missed here.

Bijapur, or Vijayapura, is one of the places that takes you back to the Islamic era of the region. The place was the capital of Adil Shahi rulers, and is among the top tourist destinations of Karnataka. Some places to visit here include Bijapur Fort, Gol Gumbaz, Anand mahal and Mehtar Mahal.

Hampi is for the history and art lovers. The temple ruins tell tales of a forgotten rich past of the temple city. The whole city of Hampi is a World Heritage Site and should not be missed on a trip to Karnataka during winters.

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