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Travelling is passion of many people. If you also love to travel and explore new places then you definitely get to taste many new food items. Every state has special local drinks. On the journey to explore India, you get many local beverages to quench your thirst. Lets have a look on these popular local beverages served in Indian states.

Lassi:- Made of curd, it is a sweet beverage from the land of Punjab. This is the most popular drinks made in houses of Punjabis. It is a refreshing drink that makes you feel wow with every sip. Available in many flavours, Lassi is a must try thing in Punjab

Kahwa:- The Paradise on Earth offers a local drink Kahwa. This is a traditional tea of the valley. It is finely made with rich ingredients like saffron, cardamons, sugar, almonds and kahwa leaves. If you ever visit to Kashmir try out this Kahwa.

Kokum Sharbat:- In Goa, you will find a special local beverage Kokum Shrabat. Kokum Sharbat is made of Kokum, also known as Garcinia indica. Sweet and salty, Kokum Sharbat has many health benefits too. This beverage carries the touch of cuisine of East and West.

Sattu:- Sattu is a beverage made from gram flour and chickpea flour. Yummy and easy to digest, this beverage is quite popular in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. You will definitely love this local drink of MP and Bihar. Choose sweet or salty as per your flavour.

Gulab Sharbat:- This beverage is specialty of Rajasthan. This is a superb local drink of state, made of rose petals, sugar and cardamom seeds. Try out Gulab Sharbat of Rajasthan and please your senses.

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