Skyfire by Aroon Raman: A tale of fear, suspense, and trafficking :

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Aroon Ramans latest suspense thriller, starts on a low note, but gains momentum as one continues to the concluding pages.

The fictional account, narrates the story of year 2012, where the climate is shown to be changing drastically. The sky is on fire, literally, and shows how it brought life to a standstill. With children gone missing, the book talks about social issues that surround us all the time, but remain obscure. Keeping human trafficking as the backdrop for the novel, the author touches and delineates the emotions of fear and anxiety perfectly.

Amidst all tension, a journalist, a historian, and an intelligence agent come together to solve the mystery behind this intriguing disappearance. They start their hunt through the cold, opaque black and claustrophobic areas of India, Pakistan, and Bhutan.

The plot is intriguing and gripping. If youre looking to read a serious novel, which not only solves a mystery, but also takes you though the lanes of the sub-continent, Skyfire is for you.

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