Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer :

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Jaisalmer Fort is one of the best tourist attractions of Jaisalmer. Often regarded as the Pride of Jaisalmer, the majestic fort is built in yellow sandstone, making it glow during sunset. The fort is a true specimen of a fusion of Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture. You can hire an auto from the city to reach the fort.

Patwon ki haveli is one of the most beautiful architectural wonders of Jaisalmer. This is the first haveli that was erected in the city. Another interesting fact about the haveli is that it is a cluster of 5 small havelis. It is said that the construction of Patwon ki Haveli took more than 50 years to complete.

Located around 42km away from Jaisalmer city, Khuri sand dunes is a unique attraction that should not be missed on a trip to the Golden City. Camel safari and camping are two of the main attractions here that await tourists.

Bada Bagh is one of the interesting tourist places in Jaisalmer. The huge park consists of the cenotaphs built by several Bhatti rulers. Located just 6km from the city, the other attractions of Bada Bagh include the Jait Sar Tank, Jait Bandh dam and Govardhan Stambh.

Sam Sand Dunes is another must-visit attraction of Jaisalmer. A camel safari through the desert would be a different experience from the other travel destinations you see across India. The best time to visit this attraction is just before sunset or just before the sunrise.

The Jain temples of Jaisalmer, or the Dilwara Temples, is another attraction not to be missed in the city., Located within the Jaisalmer Fort complex, these shrines are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankars, and are considered to be important pilgrimage centres of the Jain community.

The other places worth visiting in Jaisalmer include Mool Sagar, Akal Wood Fossil Park, Amar Sagar Lake, Brahmsar, Chandraprabhu Temple and Desert National Park amongst the rest. Here is how to reach Jaisalmer.

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